colourful-affliction said: hii hi, i just started watching your videos (i follow you on instagram/saw your channel name there) and your videos are great i love them!!! also you seem just as obsessed with the beatles as me which is amazing because that doesn't happen often! so yeah i think you're cool as hell. do you have twitter? (p.s. your fashion sense and musical ability are A+ so well done on that also)

Awh awesome! Thanks for the compliments! I have twitter but don`t really use it so its probably easier to just talk to me on instagram:D And The Beatles Obsession is strong XD

Don’t Look Back in AngerFor the cover of Don’t Look Back in Anger Noel had decided to pay homage to an incident which had happened at Abbey Road Studios in 1968. It was inspired by Ringo Starr walking out on the Beatles because he felt that he was not wanted. He was eventually persuaded to come back into the band and on his return George Martin, the Beatles’ producer, had decided to deck his entire drum kit out in flowers as a statement of love and gratitude. Noel thought this sentiment would make an interesting idea for a cover and so suggested we had the band’s equipment covered in thousands of red, white, and blue flowers, the colours of the Union Jack.

Northern Soul

i really, really love this song.

Governors Ball NYC

This is the biggest Led Zeppelin’s concert. 56.800 peoples come to see them in Tampa in 1973.